EnviouSkin was founded by Kim Hellmund, who hails from Germany. We were looking to go back to our roots this holiday season, so we are celebrating Nikolaus! Nikolaus is the German take on the story of Saint Nicholas. Every 6th of December, children place a boot outside their door to await the presents Saint Nicholas will bring. To celebrate, each of our employees has chosen a charity she wants to raise awareness and funds for this holiday season. We would love it if you could find it in your heart to donate with us this season! You can choose your favorite employee’s charity or you can read about each one and choose which one suits your beliefs best. Happy Nikolaus!

Kim’s Charity:
Serving Seniors


“This charity was brought to my attention by one of my clients, and after she told me about it, it made me think of when I helped out at the Altersheim (Senior Home) when I was growing up. I hope you can find it in your heart to help out!”


Donate to Serving Seniors

Amanda’s Charity:
Father Joe’s Villages

“San Diego is my hometown and it saddens me to know that we have the 4th highest population of homeless in the United States. Driving around town, I feel like I see that number grow everyday. By helping with donating gift cards for food or clothing, you can help a family save and get back on their feet.”

Donate to Father Joe’s Villages

Lissa’s Charity:
Guide Dogs for the Blind

“Growing up, my family and I raised several guide dog puppies. There is nothing more rewarding than getting to see how a dog that you have put so much hard work and love into can actually change lives! Guide Dogs for the Blind is not only a training facility for puppies to become guides, but also teaches the blind to fully utilize their dog. At no cost to the blind or low vision clients and no government funding, Guide Dogs relies fully on volunteers and your generous donations!”

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Donate to Guide Dogs for the Blind

Natalie’s Charity:
Rady Children’s Hospital

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“Hospitals can be a scary place especially for young kids. I chose my foundation because I saw how much the kids needed comforts that helped ease their fears while bringing smiles to their faces. Rady children’s foundation has made a hospital stay more comfortable for kids and their families, and I would love to contribute to any sort of joy the kids can experience.”


Donate to Rady Children’s Hospital

Natasha’s Charity:
Children of the Nations

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“I chose Children of the Nations as my charity because this is a charity very close to my heart. I recently traveled to Malawi, Africa with Children of the Nations to build a play center for kids much less fortunate than myself. I was blown away by the kindness of their employees and immensely impressed by the huge impact the funds raised by Children of the Nations actually has made. A few dollars from us can provide food and clothing for kiddos in need. :)”
– Natasha


Donate to Children of the Nations

Erica’s Charity:
Free Arts for Abused Children

“I have encountered troubled children, and some who are now adults, throughout my life who were or are scared or embarrassed to speak about a traumatic event that has happened to them. Free Arts is a program that uses art therapy as an inspiring and therapeutic way to help children express and let out their emotions. I think it’s great that art therapy can help children find a voice and hopefully help them to overcome the traumatic event or negative emotions they keep bottled up inside so they can began to grow and live productive lives.”

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Donate to Free Arts for Abused Children

Allie’s Charity:
Foundation for Fighting Blindness

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“The reason I have chosen Foundation for Fighting Blindness is because I have already supported this charity and continue to do so today. My brother is blind and the resources this charity offers are amazing! Please help them continue to do so – we need to help! Also there are a lot of charities to support although this one in particular seems to get looked passed often, and I would love to help people recognize this charity more.”

Donate to the Foundation for Fighting Blindness

Reese’s Charity:
San Diego Humane Society

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.43.39 AM

“I’ve been supporting and volunteering for the Humane Society for 6 years. My house has two fur babies adopted from there- an amazing cat named Ruca and the cutest 3 legged pitbull named Sav. I believe that it’s important to provide animals a healthy environment before they move on to loving homes. It’s necessary to make people aware of adopting animals in need instead of buying them from breeders. This no kill shelter has a heart of gold and I encourage everyone to make a place in their heart, and home, for an animal in need!”

Donate to the San Diego Humane Society