Eye Firming Treatment

Perfect for those with fine lines to significant signs of aging around the eyes. This treatment is meant to defy the process of aging.

Platinum Eye Care Experience

This treatment is the premier experience for those with deep wrinkles and lines around the eyes. It utilizes our microcurrent technology to lift the eye area, as well as a firming eye mask to give an instant difference.

Kukui Coconut Lip Smoother

This treatment creates that kissable look for the lips. The gentle exfoliation of the lips brings the blood to the surface, creating the perfect rosy pout.

24K Gold Lip Refiner

Gold has always been a mineral greatly desired by the public. This treatment is meant to give your lips a rich feel, while using microcurrent technology to visibly lift your pout and nasal labial folds.

Silver Hydra-Masque

Experience the healing power of silver! This mask serves as a catalyst for deep product penetration. Feel the difference in your skin after this mask.

Collagen Neck Lift

When the neck is giving away your age, look no further than our tightening neck treatment. Feel the difference this treatment makes during and after!

Decollete Sun Recovery Treatment

We take the time to protect our face, but often forget about our sensitive décolleté, which can often show our age long before our face ever does. This treatment will fight free radical damage while helping to tighten and brighten your décolleté.

Paraffin Hydrator

Simply soft skin for your hands and/or feet! This treatment is perfect for those suffering from extra dryness from tired appendages. Lavender calms and relaxes your senses.

Tired Foot Polish

Been on your feet too much? This treatment is designed to relieve the stress we put on our over-worked feet. Using a sonic technology to exfoliate your heels, you will feel the difference in your step after this amazing treatment.

Microcurrent Face Lift
30 minutes

Great alternative to Botox! Microcurrent is like pilates for the face, and this quick fix treatment will instantly lift the skin for a radiant glow. Can be added to a facial or can stand alone as a service.

LED Treatment
20 minutes

Experience the difference of LED light for your anti-aging needs. Our panels are FDA approved to reduce signs of aging and kill bacteria that causes acne. This treatment can be added on to an existing facial, or can stand alone as a service.

Microcurrent Brow Lift
20 minutes

Use for those with sagging lids or those who want a brow lift. This treatment can be added on to a facial, or can exist alone as a quick treatment.

Microcurrent Lip Lift
20 minutes

A quick lip plumping treatment to help with the soft lines around the lips. This treatment can be added on to an existing facial, or can stand alone as a service.